Here are a selection of U.lab stories that form a key part of our learning environment!

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*We update these regularly*


Towards the end of 2016, Kirsty Deacon and Keira Oliver spoke to a range of people about the impact u.lab had had on them.

CLICK HERE for “Impact – by Kirsty Deacon”

CLICK HERE for “Co-initiating – Why We Got Involved with U.Lab”

CLICK HERE for “Co-sensing – listening deeply, a walk with someone in prison”

CLICK HERE for “Co-sensing – the coaching circle experience”

CLICK HERE for “Co-sensing – a deadly conversation”

CLICK HERE for “Co-sensing – having different and better conversations”

CLICK HERE for “Co-sensing – NHS: into the wider system”

CLICK HERE for “Presencing – connecting back to yourself during change”

CLICK HERE for “Presencing – the personal and the professional”

CLICK HERE for “Presencing – from stuck at the bottom of the U to action”

COMING SOON – Crystalizing your idea