A u.lab hub is a self-organized and place-based group of people that meets in person to watch the live sessions together and to practice the methods and tools.

Hubs can be almost any size: five friends in a living room, ten co-workers in a conference room, 100 people gathered in a local community center or university. Anything is possible – it’s up to you!

If you want to host to a u.lab hub:

  • Join the u.lab hub host newsletter (email: ulabhubhost@presencing.com) and find out dates for the online support calls
  • Have a read through the hub host guide (this one isn’t for u.lab but the principles are the same)
  • As part of forming a hub, you may want to host an introductory conversation or “taster session” to help pique people’s curiosity about u.lab and joining a hub.  The community have pulled together a taster session pack that might help
  • Consider finding a co-host or hosting team so you’re not doing it alone
  • Write an invitation and send it out to as many people and networks as you can