u.lab now open for registration!

Between summer holidays and July having a least a few lovely days in it, you may have missed the fact that u.lab is now open for registration!

September may seem a long time away but u.lab starts in just under 8 weeks so we’ve complied a wee list of hints and tips for getting yourself ready:

  1. Register for u.lab here
  2. Put these dates in your diary
    • 14th Sept – u.lab opens so you can get orientated with the website
    • 21st Sept – u.lab officially starts with the first live session in the afternoon (it is also recorded so you can watch later) AND the first tranche of material is released
    • Other live sessions, if you want to watch live, are 19th Oct, 9th Nov and 14 Dec (all afternoons in the UK)
  3. Get familiar with a timezone convertor website like this one  – u.lab is a global programme but timings for live sessions etc are set at Boston, USA time.  The clocks also go back in the UK and USA during u.lab.  So, this can get confusing but if you are feel confused, draw strength from knowing you are not alone and ask a fellow u.labber for clarity
  4. Complete this 90-min intro module before 14 Sept – this introduces you to the u.lab content and helps you set an intention for what you want to work on in the full u.lab

In the coming weeks, there will be more news on the social connection side of u.lab like how to join a hub if there is one local to you (or how to start your own hub if there isn’t).

What hints and tips do you have to help fellow u.labbers (new and experienced) get ready?  Share them in the comments below, Twitter (#ulabscot) or Facebook


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