“From scunnered to hopeful” – ulabscot impact document

It has been a whirlwind couple of years in u.lab Scotland.  As we head into the summer and begin gearing up for u.lab 2017 in Sept, we’ve had a chance to reflect a little and gather u.lab stories from a number of participants.  Many of these stories were told through the impact stories blog series we finished recently, but we’ve added many more.  The intention behind this is to help us see ourselves, be inspired by the amazing stories of our fellow participants on this journey with us and to start to see what might be emerging to help tell our story a bit more coherently.

We realise that there is no way we can be aware of everything that is going on and, indeed, it is always a lovely surprise when a new person pops up, willing to share what has been happening for them.  We would like to keep gathering these stories and building the picture of u.lab Scotland so PLEASE let us know if you want to tell your story (email: ulabscot@gov.uk).  Everyone has a story.  And no matter how small, it can help support and inspire others.

So please click on the image above, enjoy reading and share freely.




2 thoughts on ““From scunnered to hopeful” – ulabscot impact document

  1. ?Hi Kiera

    Wondered if you could email a copy of the document? Our NHS filter system is preventing us from accessing – it is always a scunner !!

    kind regards


    Fraser Hoggan Development Officer Aberdeen City Alcohol & Drug Partnership (ADP) Office 3, Macrobin Centre, Royal Cornhill Hospital ABERDEEN AB25 2ZH

    Telephone (01224) (5)57020 Visit the ADP online at: http://www.aberdeencityadp.org.uk Follow us on twitter @AberdeenADP Like us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/AberdeenADP


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