Festival of Hubs!

Last year, we invited ulabscot participants to host their own taster or intro session to u.lab to help people decide if they would like to register for it in Sept.  This resulted in over 20 tasters happening across Scotland, hosted by participants themselves.  This year, we would like to issue the same invitation to potential hub hosts with an added experimental angle to it…

So, introducing, the Festival of Hubs!

The Festival of Hubs is a fortnight of sparks and connections for u.lab hubs and the u.lab curious. In the same way as u.lab builds a feeling of community with lots of people around the world taking part at the same time, we want to experiment with how it feels to host intro and taster events within a defined period of time.

Date:  Sat 19 Aug to 2 Sept*

Hosting a u.lab hub in Sept 2017?  Why not open it up to people in your local area during the festival of hubs? Or you might want to host a intro or taster event in your area or organisation.  We are inviting you to host an event (or as many as you like!) as part of the Festival of Hubs.   By doing this, you can find more people to join you in u.lab this Sept and they can:

  • Find out a bit about u.lab
  • Try some of the tools
  • Make connections with other participants and perhaps form a coaching circle ahead of the course starting.

You might host a session in the evening or during the day; possibly in the space you’ll use for your hub.

Up for it?  Then:

  1. Send the following details to Anita at ulabscot@gov.scot who will arrange for you to advertise your open hub or event on the u.lab Scotland eventbrite page and we can help you advertise it:
    1. Title – we suggest “Festival of Hubs – u.lab intro session – [insert town/location]” so people can easily see if there is an intro session near them when looking at the list
    2. Location (if you don’t have a venue yet, town/village is fine)
    3. Date and whether it will be a morning, afternoon or evening event (up to 3 hours max. should do)
    4. Number of spaces available
  2. Let us know if you are happy for us to add your hub to the google hub map so people can find you.

*If these dates don’t work for you, host your event at a good time that is good for you and you can still advertise under the ulabscot Eventbrite page.

We have updated the intro/taster pack this year thanks to many of last year’s hosts.  This will hopefully help you in lightly designing and hosting a session so we can continue to grow our community of u.lab practitioners.

Good luck and have fun!


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