Tackling inequalities prototypes

In the final of the series of blog posts on prototyping we return to the NHS Lanarkshire Hub who began our impact stories series.  All the members have individual prototypes that they have been working on, although they are linked through the theme of tackling inequalities.  The groups’ ideas cover work within citizen’s advice bureau health and welfare advice hubs in health centres, work as part of the Healthy Schools initiative, service development around HIV services in the area and closer working with partner agencies.  To hear more about one of these prototypes and how it is being taken forward watch the video below.

If you haven’t watched the extended video of my conversation with this hub which was posted in the first of this series of blog posts please click on the link below.  As well as continuing the discussions around prototyping which began above the group also talk about being involved in Case Clinics and the importance of their hub being acknowledged in the global u.lab Live Sessions.

Catch up on all the ulabscot stories “going around the U” on our YouTube playlist.



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