You might not know where the idea is going or what it’s going to look like but that’s okay

Next in our series of posts around prototyping, Allison Johnstone, the Training and Development Manager at Equate Scotland, talks about the prototype she began working on in 2015 and has continued to work on this year.  Equate Scotland are an organisation working on making a positive difference for women in science engineering, technology and the built environment.  Allison took part in u.lab on her own in 2015 and created a prototype “Confident Diversity”, involving beginning conversations around gender equality with students in science and engineering so that when they begin working in organisations they can be change-makers within them.  She took part in u.lab again this year, joining a mixed organisational member hub, and has continued to work on her prototype.  To hear more about Allison’s prototype and how it has developed, and continues to develop, watch the video below.

To hear more about Allison’s experience of u.lab, including her reflections on the differences between taking part in u.lab in her first year as an individual and then in her second year being part of a hub and coaching circle, please click on the link below.

Catch up on all the ulabscot stories “going around the U” on our YouTube playlist.


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