“We prototype a lot, we just didn’t know that’s what it was called”

The prototyping part of the U can be something that is difficult for people to recognise, with participants speaking of being unsure what a prototype is and when they are actually prototyping.

Our series now moves on to looking at participants’ stories of prototyping with Brendan Rooney the Executive Director of Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust.  He has taken part in u.lab both with a mixed member hub with members from different organisations within the Lanarkshire area, as well as hosting a hub within his own organisation.  Brendan talks through the prototypes his organisation is currently involved in and how, although they may have done some of this work anyway, that their participation in u.lab has enhanced this.  To hear him talk more fully about the prototyping they have been doing watch the video below.

To hear more about Brendan’s wider experience of u.lab, including his reflections on how the biggest army in Scotland are public servants and the importance of harnessing their power, please click on the link below.

If you would like to tell your story, we would love to hear it!  Get in touch with Keira (Keira.Oliver@gov.scot).  You can see more of the stories series here or through our ulabscot stories YouTube playlist


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