Help us sense into u.lab Scotland

If you’ve been along to a u.lab Scotland event recently, you’ll be aware that they’ve been hosted by a “holding team” – a self-selecting group of people from across u.lab Scotland with an intention to help grow and sustain u.practices in Scotland.  The events have been just one way we’ve been doing this.

For the last couple of months, we’ve been thinking how to open up this group to the many offers of help we’ve had from u.labbers and to increase the number of perspectives on what is happening within u.lab in Scotland.

The first step in this is to open up our meetings.  So if you have energy and passion to help “hold the whole” and explore how we can support u.practices and u.lab in Scotland, come along!

These sensing meetings will be designed to accommodate whoever shows up – so whether you want to attend one or all the meetings, the approach is flexible enough.  We practice the u.process during the meetings to bring in stories from the field around what’s happening with u.lab, what work is emerging and how we might take this forward.  If this sounds like something you’d be interested in contributing to, let us know to expect you by grabbing your space(s) here:

This is also part of a move by the holding team to embrace more self-organising principles when it comes to identifying and progressing u.lab Scotland “Work” e.g. designing and hosting events, supporting hub hosts, curating the impact of u.lab etc.  If you’re interested in finding out more, have a look at our ulabscot holding team google doc.


3 thoughts on “Help us sense into u.lab Scotland

  1. Good Morning, I am new to U.lab. I have attended one event in Edinburgh earlier in the year and have worked through the introduction course and intend to enrol for the next full course that is to start in September.
    I do like what I have seen and read about so far and I think some of the u.lab thinking and tools are being used in some projects locally, without being knows to follow the u.lab processes and thinking. With that in mind I am interested in becoming involved in the sensing and discussions of how to expand u.lab. Unfortunately, I am not available for the event on 24 May.
    I am particularly interested in a couple of the ‘bubbles’ – building capacity and the West of Scotland network. Living in Dumfries I think it is important to get out into the rural parts of the country.
    Anyway, I shall watch the blog, to see what events are coming up.

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