From “stuck at the bottom of the U” to action

Valerie Jackman is a lecturer at Edinburgh College.  In this film, Valerie talks of how she moved from feeling “stuck at the bottom of the U” to taking action on her idea.

Many people we talk to also experience being stuck at the bottom of the U.  It’s perhaps understandable when many of us don’t tend to spend much time deeply reflecting on ourselves in the present moment and what might be wanting to happen.

Valerie kindly sent us this video which beautifully captures a bit of her journey through u.lab.  She had felt overwhelmed during her first participation in u.lab, which stopped her taking meaningful action.  But through the help of her hub the following year and by spending more time doing some deep work on herself, she was able to reconcile her priorities and align her life so she could take some meaningful action on the change she is passionate to make.

Valerie’s story is part of a series of stories following the u.process.  If you would like to tell your story, we would love to hear it!  Get in touch with Keira (

You can see more of the stories series here or through our ulabscot stories YouTube playlist (see below too):


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