Co-sensing – a deadly conversation


In the final of the series of four blog posts around the co-sensing element within u.lab Kuladharini, the Chief Executive of the Scottish Recovery Consortium, talks about using u.lab tools to have a “Deadly Serious Conversation” around tackling the issue of death from substance misuse.  When I spoke to her she noted that this conversation was one that had been had endlessly and often it gets stuck on “looking for a fix” but that by using u.lab techniques, they were able to hold the “not fixing it” in order to get to the systemic impact underneath.  To hear Kuladharini talk about this conversation in more detail please watch the video below.

To hear more about Kuladharini’s experience of u.lab, including the differences in her u.lab experiences during the 2015 and 2016 MOOCs, please click on the link below.  The video also ends with the graphic facilitation of the above conversation around deaths from substance misuse.

Next week, we start to tell some stories about people’s experiences in the bottom part of the U with  Stephen Gallagher, Deputy Director of Public Bodies and Public Service Reform in the Scottish Government.



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