The Coaching Circle Experience

The third in a series of four blog posts around co-sensing is with a group of people who have been involved in a coaching circle as part of U.Lab in Glasgow.  Anne McCann, Kate McHendrie and Tommy all work with different organisations and came together after attending an open evening advertised on the u.lab Scotland Facebook page for those interested in joining with others who had registered for the course.

The coaching circle format is one of the tools introduced through u.lab with the focus on one individual giving a “case” to the rest of the group, the “coaches”.  There is an emphasis on a deeper level of listening without the need to “fix” the problem, with the coaches providing the case giver with images, metaphors, feelings and gestures that the story evokes in them rather than providing answers.  The group spoke about their experience of taking part in u.lab through being involved in this coaching circle and the video below contains some of their thoughts around this experience.

To hear more about their experiences of taking part in coaching circles as well as their thoughts on other aspects of u.lab, such as how carrying out empathy walks could be used in different ways in their own organisations please watch below.  To hear another story about Carol Chamberlain’s empathy walk with a person in prison, click here.

Next week, we’ll hear from Kuladharini, Chief Executive of the Scottish Recovery Consortium, who will talk about how using u.lab techniques has helped them have different conversations about deaths from drugs misuse.  This will be our final story in our co-sensing part of this series before we move on to stories from the “bottom of the U”, starting with one from the Scottish Government.


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