A series of Open Gatherings for 2017


Collectively in 2016, there was a call for more opportunities to come together across the u.lab community in Scotland.

These are open to anyone with an interest in u.lab: whether you’ve taken part in some capacity before, been to a taster session, or just heard about it from friends or colleagues and want to find out a bit more.  At each open gathering, we will be using the u.lab approach and tools to come together to have conversations on different themes so you can experience the u.lab approach or strengthen your own practice.  Whatever stage you are at, we hope the gathering will be welcoming and helpful for all!

If you would like to get involved in helping design and hosting any of the gatherings, you would be very welcome!  Get in touch (keira.oliver@gov.scot).

We will be experimenting a bit with the open gatherings over 2017 so while the dates are set, the venues for many of them are still to be confirmed.  Throughout the year, we hope to move our conversation on from talking mainly about the u.lab course itself into how we can practice the approach, and also to allow more people to take part.  You can book your places at the u.lab Scotland Eventbrite page for the following dates:

  • Wed 3 May (Glasgow) – What are we sensing in Scotland just now?
  • Thu 15 June (tbc) – The future of learning & creativity, where we will also watch the live session together
  • Sat 2 Sept (tbc) – on the brink of u.lab 2017
  • Thur 14 Dec (tbc) – close of u.lab 2017 and final live session.

At the gathering on Wed 3 May, we’ll practice the u.lab approach and tools together around these questions:

  • What are we sensing in Scotland just now?
  • Where are you personally in this?
  • How can you be the change you want to see in the world?
  • How do we support each other?

Absolute beginners are absolutely welcome as are u.lab/theory U practitioners in any form.

Please feel free to pass this invitation on to others you think might be interested and remember to book your places at the u.lab Scotland Eventbrite page! We really look forward to seeing you there and will keep you posted on as the gatherings develop.


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