Stories: NHS analysts going out into the wider system


The first in a series of four blog posts around co-sensing is with Lorna Jackson who is the Associate Director for Analytics and Intelligence in Public Health for NHS National Services Scotland. She took part in u.lab in 2015 and this year has been working on using this learning and applying it within her area of work.

When Kirsty chatted with her about her u.lab experience she spoke of how the analysts within her department worked with data and statistics but that recently they have begun to work more with those people who are making decisions around health and social care, sitting round the table with them rather than simply handing over their data for someone to make of it what they will. Lorna is now taking this a stage further and analysts have started going out into the wider system to try and understand what it would be like if they put themselves in the shoes of the person within “person”-centred care.

To hear more about this watch part of her conversation with Lorna in the video below.


Watch the longer video below to hear about Lorna’s overall experience of u.lab, including her motivations for joining, noticing disconnections and dysfunction and the impact it has had in spite of not completing the whole course! and thoughts and reflections on her u.lab journey so far, please click on the link below.

Next week, we’ll hear from Anne Connor, Chief Executive of Outside the Box which provides independent development support to groups and people across Scotland who want to make a difference in their communities.




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