Stories: Learning to listen deeply through an empathy walk in Edinburgh Prison


Carol Chamberlain is a Senior Health Improvement Officer leading on inequalities within NHS Lanarkshire. She was a joint hub host in a mixed member hub in 2015 and has also hosted a hub this year which is mainly comprised of individuals working in the NHS in Lanarkshire and which is continuing to meet after the MOOC has ended. As part of her role within health improvement she was attending at Edinburgh Prison to take part in the Recovery Walk organised by the Scottish Recovery Consortium and chose this time to carry out an empathy walk with one of the prisoners to practise her deep listening skills. Watch the video below to hear her talk about this experience.


To hear more about Carol’s experience of u.lab, including her reasons for taking part in u.lab shortly after taking up a new post within the NHS looking at inequalities, please watch the video below.



One thought on “Stories: Learning to listen deeply through an empathy walk in Edinburgh Prison

  1. Hi Keira – i was interested in what Carol is sharing about her experience. In my own work and research, i found a lovely dialogue between a cardinal from argentina and a rabbi about the power implicit in walking and listening to the ‘other’ talking. I created a small document about this for my own purposes, and would like to know if and how to forward it to Carol, who i think might appreciate it.
    I have been supporting a small project based in the Bay Area of CA that maps some of the territory between a prisoner serving 40 years for a theft, and a guy who took his ‘stories’ and shared them with a community of edu. in Berkeley. So let me know about that when you have time.

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