Stories: Why we got involved with u.lab


The NHS Lanarkshire Hub is made up of members with a variety of roles within the NHS, along with a member from the Citizens Advice Bureau, all based in the Lanarkshire area.  The group was formed following the holding of taster sessions within NHS Health and Improvement which were hosted by a hub formed during the previous year’s u.lab course and containing some members of this current group.  Hub members have different roles within the NHS and different motivations for joining and taking part but a common theme is, as described by a good Scottish word, a feeling of “scunneredness” and looking for a way to make some positive change.

Hear the group chat in more detail about why they got involved in u.lab in the video below.

The storyboard below, which was produced at a national gathering event in September 2016, also illustrates part of their co-initiating u.lab journey.


To hear more about the group’s u.lab experience please click on the link below for further excerpts from my conversation with them, including the impact u.lab has had on each of them and what actions they have taken as a result.


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