Kinder Scotland 21-day Challenge – starts tomorrow!

Happy new year!  I wonder what 2017 will hold?  After last year, there does seem to be a sense that anything really is possible.  Many of us will be returning to work today after the festive period.  So as a way to positively kick off the year, why not join over 250 of us by doing the Kinder Scotland 21 day challenge?

The initial idea was sparked by a U.Lab coaching circle in Glasgow and has resulted in a partnership between u.lab Scotland and the Carnegie Trust’s Kinder Communities project.  Both are interested in the impact of not so random acts of kindness on communities, a theme that fits well with u.lab.  The challenge has also hit the national news with Visit Scotland (Scotland’s national tourism organisation) encouraging people to get involved as a great way to start the new year!

The challenge is open to anyone in Scotland and beyond so please share widely!  Will you or your organisation join the Kinder Scotland Challenge 2017 and warm the dark cold January with Kindness?  Follow this link to sign up:

It will be hosted on, an international volunteer led kindness and generosity web platform and community. It’s entirely free to join and use the resources, ideas and daily inspirations for those taking part in the challenge.  There will also be an opportunity to come together to discuss your experiences of the challenge on Thur 26 Jan 2017.  Watch out for more details soon!

In this video (filmed at the end of the live session event in Glasgow – so it’s a bit noisy!), Zoe Ferguson of the Carnegie Trust, outlines the Kinder Scotland Challenge 2017:

We hope you join us and if you feel moved to, please share your experiences of the challenge on the ulabscot Facebook page or twitter (#ulabscot #ulab).

P.S. If you don’t get an immediate email back from check your junk mail…it could be there.


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