Scotland to feature in final live session

Drawing by Dot McLaughlin

Exciting news!  Scotland has been asked to feature some of our story so far as part of the final live session on 15 Dec.


We are looking for stories from people who may have taken part in u.lab more than once and people who are completely new to it in 2016.  Could this be you?  How has u.lab helped you make (or start to make) the changes you want to see to help Scotland be an even better country to live and work in?  This might range from helping you focus on what your work really is, how it helped improve relationships with others, to working with others to get a project or idea off the ground.  Just drop me a line at

A few ulabscot participants are organising an event around the live session which will be a great chance for us to get together again – something lots of you have asked for.  Book your spot here!  And please feel free to bring any photos, flipcharts, outputs that help tell your story.

The live session itself starts at 3pm (UK time) so please tune in at home or work if you can’t join us in the room 🙂


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