Introduction to u.lab is now available!

u.lab 0x front page

u.lab has run twice now and the team have responded to the community’s ask for an introductory course.  The result is u.lab 0x which has launched today!

(edX loves its numbered courses so whenever you see u.lab 0x think “u.lab the introduction”)

In this 90-minute, self-paced course you will be introduced to Theory U, a framework and method developed at MIT and practiced by individuals, organisations and larger communities around the world to learn from the emerging future.

u.lab 0x is actually just the entry point to a longer journey and emerging global network.  In u.lab 0x, you will learn about people, projects, new collaborative learning environments, and social technologies that work to transform the economy and society from within.  u.lab 0x will help you identify an issue or challenge to work on, and will introduce you to the resources available in the u.lab community to support you.

It is comprised of four parts which will introduce you to:

  • systems thinking
  • theory U (or the u-process as we like to call it as it is so much more than a theory)
  • The story of u.lab for systems leadership
  • setting your intention (what does all this mean for you? )

If you are continuing on to U.Lab in Sept, u.lab 0x is a prerequisite and setting your intention in this module will help you with the question you want to bring to that learning experience.

u.lab 0x is self-paced, however some hubs are thinking of doing it together as a way of getting to know each other before the main u.lab course starts.  Unlike u.lab itself, u.lab 0x will remain open all year round and could be a good way of introducing your colleagues and friends to u.lab.

Sign up for u.lab 0x (or “u.lab the introduction”) – here:

And keep us all posted on how you get on through Facebook or twitter (#ulabscot #ulab)!

Oh and there’s still spaces for our ulabscot gathering on 1 Sept, get your space here.


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