Less than a month to go! Thinking of hosting a U.Lab hub? And “Intro to U.Lab” launches next week!

If so, then this might be the post you’ve been waiting for 😉  In it, there are details on:

  • a hub host guide
  • a map to pin your hub to
  • an offer for a free one day session on the Art of Café Hosting on Wed 17 Aug by the Scottish Recovery Consortium.

Hub are physical spaces were people can come together to co-create and support each other’s learning through the U.Lab course.  Some hubs have even continued to meet after it too.  They can be all shapes and sizes, from a few friends through to a large number of people meeting from across a community.

Hub Host Guide

We’ve been working with the U.Lab team and hub hosts from across the world on an exciting experiment to co-produce a new version of the hub host guide!  You can read it online or download a pdf if you’d prefer a hard copy.  It is now available here.

It is quite a lengthy document but don’t let that put you off!  The guide is attempting to address the different types of hubs and the needs of hub hosts with varying amounts of experience.  Have a look and see what’s of use for you.  It will evolve in response to feedback too.

Global Map of Hubs

Last year, Scotland had its own map of hubs.  This year, there is a global map which we’d really encourage you to pin your hub on so we can all get a sense of what’s going on around Scotland in a global context.  You can access the map here and there is also guidance on how to pin your hub on the map.

Training in the Art of Café Hosting on Wed 17 Aug

The Scottish Recovery Consortium is very kindly offering a day long session on the Art of Café Hosting where participants will delve deeper into the working process and details of question making and building a receptive environment for great conversations.  You can register here or contact Anne Marie for more information at annemarie@scottishrecoveryconsortium.org.

And finally…

The U.Lab team are launching a new 90 min introduction to U.Lab module on Mon 15 Aug.  You will learn the basics of Theory U and discover how this method of learning from the emerging future and awareness based systems change allow individuals, organisations, and communities to turn ideas into real world change.  It is a prerequisite for the full U.Lab course so why not get a jump start before the course starts on 8 Sept?

Registration for U.Lab is open.  Find out how to register for the full U.Lab course here (and please take a few moments to fill in the welcome questionnaire :))

In the next post, Gavin Patterson shares his story of his hub hosting experience in the 2015 U.Lab.


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