About the holding team for ULab Scot

With thanks to Kuladharini for writing: The holding team for ULab Scot is a group of people from different walks of life, with different perspectives and experiences gather every quarter to reflect, explore and sense the current and emerging future for U Lab in Scotland. It’s a bit of a mystery how we all came to […]

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Registration for U.Lab now open!

It’s an exciting day today – registration for the next U.Lab is now open! And not only that but if you are participating from Scotland, there is an extra special thing we’d like you to do – complete a short questionnaire that will get you access to some additional U.Lab Scotland activities. To find this questionnaire, you […]

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A taste of U.Lab in Dundee

ulabscot community-led taster sessions have been happening all over the country for the last few weeks from Glasgow to Caithness!  Two ulabscot hosts, Sue Holland-Smith and Marion Logan, of the Dundee U.Lab Taster Session held on 2nd June 2016 shared their experience with us:

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