Registration for U.Lab now open!

Screenshot of edX enroll screen

It’s an exciting day today – registration for the next U.Lab is now open!

And not only that but if you are participating from Scotland, there is an extra special thing we’d like you to do – complete a short questionnaire that will get you access to some additional U.Lab Scotland activities.

To find this questionnaire, you will need to:

  1. First, enrol for U.Lab:
  2. Click on “View Course” on the “My Courses” page (see picture below):

Screenshot of edX view course

3. Then click on the link in the info about U.Lab Scotland at no. 3 on the list:

Screenshot of edX Scottish questionnaire

The questions should only take a couple of minutes to complete.  Once you’ve registered, why not let us know on twitter (#ulabscot #ulab) or on the FaceBook Group!

Over the summer, you might want to think about whether you’d like to host a hub by inviting a group of people to meet to support each other through this learning experience.  More information about this role will be shared in the coming weeks so just planting a seed for now…

So get clicking!  Here’s the link again:

Take this first step in this transformational journey and tell your friends and family.  Now the fun really begins.



2 thoughts on “Registration for U.Lab now open!

  1. I am having difficulty registering for ULab this year. I have tried to register again as I did it last year but it keeps saying that someone registered with these details. I cannot remember pass word either and am running a hub .help!

    1. Hi Carol! Unfortunately, we aren’t able to help with any of the technical issues as it’s done through MIT but here’s a few (hopefully helpful) suggestions: Have you not managed to reset your password using the Forgot Password link on the sign in page? If that’s not working, you could try this: and if all else fails, try emailing

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