A Taster Session near you! Check out our new map

Some people get super excited by a map, others not so much.  I’ve discovered I like playing around with them and so have pinned all thirteen of the taster sessions currently being offered by our amazing ulabscot community so you can quickly see if one is near you – just click the map below to open it!  There was a request for one in Aberdeen and so we’re working on making that happen.

ulabscot - U.Lab Taster Sessions 2016 Map

We’ve also heard that lots of people are planning to host sessions for specific, invited audiences e.g. teams within their organisation, groups of friends etc.  It would be great if our ulabscot and U.Lab communities could see all the activity that’s going on.  So… it would be AWESOME (sorry, I have a nine year old daughter and that word is creeping into my everyday vocabulary) if you would be up for sharing where your event is and we can put it on the map.  Just add a comment below, or you can add it directly onto the map yourself under the layer “Taster Sessions for Specific Audiences (invite only).”  This how-to video from last year should hopefully help.

Also, it’s not too late to hold a taster session that’s open to the public!  If you need any help, want to add it to the Eventbrite list etc please get in touch with me at Keira.Oliver@gov.scot

There are events happening this week in Edinburgh and North Fife, with more the following week so all the very best to the taster session hosts.  Please share with interested folks! More details of all the events are here: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/ulab-scotland-10483928357



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