Stories from the ulabscot community (ideas into action): Kuladharini invites us into the University of Life

Our goal in U lab 2015 was

“ We want the people of Scotland to recover and flourish”.

We spent much of the lab not knowing how that would manifest. In fact it was the last live session in December before our conversations began to lead us in the direction of doing something different with the University of Life idea that we had been trying out the year before.


We want the whole of Scotland to recover not just from addiction but from some of the challenges of life in the 21st century. We believed that the recovery from addiction community might have something to offer other people on journeys of change and transformation.

So we picked up the University of Life and explored the difficulties that arose with the first attempt we had at it.  It relied heavily on paid staff for admin and organisation. It was relatively costly to put on ;one course cost about £500.00 for materials and expenses and while  it was really important and popular, we just couldn’t afford to spend £2000.00 a year running it. So many conversations later we have come up with a new prototype: and here it is- spread the news please!

The University of Life in recovery  has opened its doors! Its open to all, no matter where or even if, you went to school. 

  • This University is all about the give: giving to others freely what has been given so freely by others to us. 
  • This University is made up of people in recovery sharing hard earned life lessons with anyone who feels they might benefit from them.  Life Lessons in self compassion, Lessons in asset based community development, lessons in what next in your recovery, lessons on the search for spirit, conversation café, story telling… There are at least a dozen courses booking now. 

The tutors at this University identify as being in recovery from addictions, mental health conditions, and from life! They are steeped in their own practical lived experience of recovery. The content of the courses available through this new University is focussed on areas of human growth and development that are particularly helpful for people on personal transformation journeys.  

Tutors are donating their time for free. The SRC is donating its premises for free.  The University of Life doesn’t charge fees. You may be asked by the tutor to make a contribution  to the other costs of putting on the course you attend.  The University aims to be a self sustaining platform for human growth.  

For more information about the University, for course and booking details go to the SRC website or follow this link.

Please share this information as widely as possible,

Thank you 


Chief Executive Scottish Recovery Consortium


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