Stories from the ulabscot community

2015 was a whirlwind year for ulabscot.  When U.Lab was first launched in Jan 2015, we think the numbers taking part in Scotland were in the tens.  After word of mouth and a few awareness raising events over the summer of 2015, this number rose to over 900!  And nearly the same number signed up to take part from other parts of the world.  The spotlight was, and continues to be, on Scotland as we make our way through this thing called U.Lab and begin to see and feel the fruits of the experience.

As well as having the opportunity for some ulabscot folks to share their stories with a global audience during the last live session on 17 Dec 2015, we reached out and asked others to share their experiences so we can continue to see ourselves as a ulabscot community.  A few brave volunteers came forward at the end of last year to have their story recorded and here is the result:

Aren’t they fab?!  Would you like to share your story or idea?  Whether it’s through a blog post, a video or a conversation, we’d be happy to help.  Drop a line to

Keira & Angie


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