Fire Festival update

Hi folks!

So many of you came along to the Fire Starter Festival our week of engaging taster sessions, workshops and networking events for those interested in creating better public services.  It was a really lively week and we are hoping to continue with events throughout the year.

To give you a flavour of what happened here are links to the blogs (more to follow):-

Monday – Performance Bonfire:- new ways of demonstrating performance in an outcomes world using appreciative inquiry techniques to look at the experience of participants, helping us to glimpse a different “outcomes performance” future, and igniting participants first steps towards it – to follow

Tuesday – Danger Café – a conversation about dangerous ideas to transform public services

Wednesday – Beyond U lab – a day of exploration and discovery around U lab and a conversation about what next – to follow

Thursday – Igniting Inquiry – the hidden power of storytelling – different theory and practice to discover how storytelling can be a transformative practice for anyone involved in public services – no matter how senior or in what organisation.

Friday – Fire Starter tools from Workforce Scotland.

A and K


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