Beaming in from Scotland

Hi everyone!

We are really looking forward to the last U lab event for 2015 this Thursday. If anyone hasn’t booked a place yet here’s the link:- – there are still spaces available and we shall have mince pies!

The event is at South Hall, Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh – here are some directions:-

Timings are 1300 for 1330 hours with an introduction, a chance to share stories and then we will be beaming in live to the live session for a wider chance to connect with others and share our experiences around the world! The event ends at 1700 hours.

We are really looking forward to catching up and it’s been great to hear that some of you are coming together in your hubs at the event. Thanks in advance to those of you who’ve stepped up to help us out with the event.  We’ve really appreciated it!

We know some of you can’t make it but we shall try to take photos, videos and share stories afterwards. And of course you can always enjoy the live session at home over a mince pie!

For those of you who want to hear more about our learning journeys we did through this run of U lab and consider what is beyond U lab, including prototyping your ideas, please book a spot on our fire starter event on 27 January:-

We’re not at end of 2015 yet but thanks to all of you for sharing a great 2015 with us!

Festive greetings!

Angie + Keira



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