Fire Starters Wanted!


It’s been a fantastic journey through the U, getting to know inspiring colleagues,  and sensing  the creativity and ingenuity of  U.lab participants throughout Scotland.
I know Keira, Angie and I have found the stories of individual journeys inspiring and moving – without a doubt there is much evidence of an open heart in Scotland.
The prototyping aspect of U.lab has generated lots of sparks across Scotland and we  are keen to know more.  Hopefully there will be lots of sharing at our next gathering on the 17th December and through the conversations on Facebook;

Lots of people have been asking what’s next, how do we keep this self-organising movement going?  So here is my offer of a prototype!

One of things that has struck me is, it’s great to have ideas, and to be enthused by the idea of trying something new.  When the spark has been ignited we are keen to keep the flame burning, but sometimes when need some help along the way, especially when we hit the slump and the initial enthusiasm slips away.  How do we prototype on a small or large scale while staying in true to the spirit of the U?

So keeping with the fire metaphor, is anyone interested in joining me in creating a Fire Starter Festival, which would start at the end of January, but continue at different points in the year?  My initial thoughts were around Hubs getting back together, extending invitations to others around sharing where we have got to with  prototypes, offering expertise to each other, and seeing if we can maintain the fire that U.lab has sparked!  The Fire Starter Festival could extend out beyond U.Lab to our wider communities and organisations, but I think it’s great place to start.

How do you get involved?  Contact me through the facebook page, email, join the Linked In group or tweet me karenlawson3

Fire Starter Festival logo






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