News on ulabscot in the final week

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We can’t quite believe that we are reaching the end of U.Lab already!  We have been both amazed and inspired by the U.Lab Scotland and U.Lab Global communities and know that it hasn’t always been easy but appreciate you sticking with it.  So, a few things to update you on and some “asks” if you’re up for it:

  1. Live Session on 17 Dec

We have organised a venue in Edinburgh for anyone connected to U.Lab Scotland to join us in watching the last live session – book your space here:

We hope the date doesn’t clash with Christmas lunches or poor weather!  Before the live session starts, we will have some time to share what has emerged for each of us and then a short session after it for ideas of what happens next for U.Lab Scotland.  And there is a possibility that Scotland will be included in the live session itself with us having some air time to share our stories!

2. U.Lab Scotland’s journey

We now have over 900 people in Scotland and over 800 people from the rest of the world registered as part of our U.Lab Scotland community.  We’ve posted the findings from the “who we are” survey on edX under U.Lab Scotland in week 8.

Thank you to everyone who has met, skyped or spoken to us by phone to tell us what has been emerging for you.  There are some themes emerging that we will share will you soon.  It’s not too late to be included in this – just get in touch with us by email or phone and we can arrange for you to share your experiences with us.

3. U.Lab 2016

We, in the Scottish Government, will continue to support the ulabscot community going forward in the run-up to U.Lab starting again next Autumn and look forward to working with you on how we might best do that.

4. We need your help to share your story with the community!!

We have heard some great stories about what’s emerging, what you’ve found challenging and what might be next for you either individually, as a hub or as the ulabscot community.  We’d like to share these stories more widely in a few ways to help the community see itself and continue to connect with the global U.Lab community.  So we’re looking for willing volunteers to:

  • Be recorded through a skype-like platform on what’s emerging, what you’ve found challenging and what might be next so we can pull together a video that we can share
  • Two or three people to possibly tell their story during the live session
  • Help to host the short time we have together in Edinburgh on 17 Dec before the live session starts to enable everyone to share their own stories. In this vein we hope to run a workshop in the next few weeks to chat through possible themes. This will enable us to use that time as effectively as we can.
  • Add your thoughts on what might happen next on our ulabscot padlet:
  • Write any reflections on this journey we’ve been on through a blog post.

If you want to get involved in any of the above or feel you can help in any other way, please get in touch with Keira (at

Keira & Angie


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