An update on the Climate Change U Lab Hub!

Climate Change U.Lab Hub in Edinburgh

Our Climate Change focused Hub has met three times now. We met up once to get to know each other a bit and once to watch the first week’s Live Session together. Whilst it’s not been possible for everyone to come to all these sessions (and I am sure we won’t all make every session over the period of the MOOC) it already feels like we are a mini community. It is great to feel part of something, to make new friends and reconnect with a few old friends.

We have our next Hub meet-up on Tuesday and I am really looking forward to seeing what others make of the first three weeks’ materials. It feels like there is a lot to get through, and I’m sure we won’t all be able to work through everything, but the fact of being part of a group where we can support one another is a real help – it all seems a little less daunting! 

We are fairly self-organising in our Hub. Although I have booked the space for us to use each time and have coordinated the ‘calendar’ of meetings, the Hub meetings themselves run very informally. I have been pulling up the MOOC content on a big screen so we can see it and scroll through anything we particularly want to discuss. So far this has been very unstructured. I think we might try, as we get closer to the end of the course, to try to be a bit more structured and see what themes and ideas are emerging for each of us so that we can support each other in bringing those forward or actualising them. But that’s something we’ll discuss and decide on as a group.

Climate change hub photo

It is early days still with our Hub, but I am excited about the conversations we’re already having and am really looking forward to all those that we will have over the coming weeks. Roll-on Tuesday!


Ragne Low

ClimateXChange Programme Manager


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