Go Big or Go Home….!


 The Scottish Recovery Consortium (SRC) is the hosting venue for our Hub, in fact those involved with the SRC were key in promoting the Ulab idea and inviting others to join them in their exploration of Business, Society and Self. With a vision that Scotland will be a country in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, the impetus for serving as a catalyst for transformation is clear.

 Our Hub is made up of many more voices though than only those of the SRC. We have come together because of our dedication through work and voluntary capacities in the fields of health care provision, addiction services and family services. We are people who are actively engaged in one way or another of supporting others though our involvement in the care field.

 Our diversity is our strength and our unity is recovery, but with a much wider scope than envisioned by those at the SRC initially. As a Hub we are now seeking to create the possibility of a whole country flourishing. We intend to transform the current paradigm of recovery and create a new way of seeing meaning, purpose and joy in life, such that every member of every community will be drawn to seek out and access a country wide shift in Being.

 Here’s a bit about how we are going so far:-

 There is a lot of excitement around the table as we get to grips with our not so small task of creating a paradigm shift in Scotland! “Go Big or Go Home” is our strap line so we are keeping ourselves in line with that and pushing beyond our own comfortable levels of thinking in an attempt to presence ourselves to a new possibility. This challenge we are posing to ourselves and to each other in the group is made very possible because of the completely different backgrounds, experiences, areas of ‘expertise’ and perspectives within the group. 

 It is a ‘natural’ element in the group dynamic that we already challenge and question each other’s ideas and statements about moving the Hub forward. From the feedback so far this process is both exhilarating and uncomfortable at the same time – after all, who really wants for their peers to question what they may hold unquestioned in themselves to be ‘truth’. 

 So far we are all attempting to get our heads around the various homeworks set, some managing it pretty well, others of us a little overwhelmed by the amount to DO inside of a generally busy week anyway. Nonetheless, the commitment and dedication is there, as week after week we turn up and put ourselves (our values, opinions and beliefs…possibly even our reputations) on the table for discussion and scrutiny. 

 We are now working on clearly setting out our intention so that those of us who are of a more practical manner can merge our ‘bottom line’ need with others more comfortable engaging in a more spiritual exploration of the Hub’s purpose. We have given ourselves a week so will have a Hub banner, so to speak, online by next week to give clarity and guidance both to ourselves and any others wanting to join our Hub virtually…..of which there have already been a few I will say…maybe we are creating something interesting enough to engage attention already.


So, watch this space for BIGness in Glasgow occurring!   

Like what you’ve read?….Angie and James Thomson (Melt Communications) will be visiting the Scottish Recovery Consortium tomorrow to capture some BIGness on film. So keep an eye out in the coming weeks for this footage…..



One thought on “Go Big or Go Home….!

  1. Hello dear beloved angie and james who are coming to see us later toady- we are the Scottish Recovery Consortium not network- which is also a delightful organisation that focuses on recovery though from a mental health and not addiction perspective.. its a common mistake and an understandable one

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