Empathy Walk – by Michael Butler-Burns

My empathy walk for Global ULab – September 24rth 2015.

I left my Edinburgh workplace and headed for Arthur’s Seat:-


I pondered on the inspired perceptions of the Scottish Parliament designer Enric Miralles (1955-2000).

“Parliament belongs to Scotland. It originates from the sloping base of Arthur’s Seat and arrives in the heart of the city almost out of the rock.”



“The parliament is a form in people’s mind, it is a mental place. We have a feeling that the building should be land…built out of land to carve in the land the form of gathering people.”

“The land offers an amphitheatre: rock, soil, social formation from Arthur’s Seat to the city……the land itself will be the foundation the source material out of which a building will emerge.”


”A building emerging out of the land like a leaf”

“The place where the people of this land gather….”

Blogphoto3 blogphoto4


People sit in the land, citizens, sitting, resting beside members of parliament thinking, witnessing their MPs creating a new democracy.

                                               “The Queensberry house and garden will work as a protected cloister….where members of parliament will find place for rest, for informal discussion, walking and a place for meditation.”



2 thoughts on “Empathy Walk – by Michael Butler-Burns

  1. Thank you I am promoting people in Scotland to go deeper into who we are, what is our authentic collective self? What gift can we offer one another and the world from the deep down resources in our culture?

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