Hub on Sustaining the Change Makers

The Melting Pot in Collaboration with Turning Tides

In collaboration between the Melting Pot and Turning Tides Eileen Moir is delighted to be hosting a hub on “Sustaining the Change Makers”. If you want to join this hub and gain a free programme of weekly online learning interspersed with 4 small group sessions (1 Sep, 4.30 to 6; 30 Sep 4 to 6pm; 20 Oct 4 to 6pm; 19 Nov 4 to 6pm) please contact Douglas Guest who is working on 2016 Scotland’s Year of the Dad will be helping Eileen. Douglas says “I am a change maker. This is the change I am working on thus need support so will be helping Eileen”. Douglas can be contacted at

Melting pot


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