Capturing the action on 1 September…guest post by Angie

So I decided to take on a different role at our event on 1 September.

Usually I’m doing a lot of the behind the scenes stuff.  I did do some of this for this event.  My favourites being sourcing yellow ribbon and also working with a great team of helpers who made the badges.  But I also took on a role of documenting our journey working with a filmmaker to do vox pops and interviews during the day.

Cables photo

This was really fun! We had a schedule of potential vox poppers (still not sure where this term comes from!) and then we did some ad hoc ones as the day progressed.  It was fun capturing some of the wonderful music by Lorraine McCauley which greeted our guests and then finding spaces in the building which were quiet enough to do long interviews.  We moved from the balcony, to the reception area and finally managed to track down Otto for his slot which he did with a soon-to-expire tram ticket in his hand! I also learned quite a bit – about lighting, about timing – it’s funny about 5 minutes only feels like one when someone is talking passionately about their area and about background noise.  Who would have thought the new hotel being built next door to our lovely venue would pose such a problem to identifying locations to video in? Drilling and videoing don’t mix it seems!

Anyway here’s what we have come up!

And thanks to all of those who contributed!

And Otto did make the tram!



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