Anyone fancy a hub on Climate Change in Central Edinburgh? – guest post by Ragne Low, ClimateXChange Programme Manager

Ragne's hub venue

Ragne tells us about her plans for a hub:-

“If you are interested in looking at climate change through a Theory U prism, or want to use U.Lab to work towards new ways of taking action on climate, then please get in touch with me at 

 I am planning to run a small Hub for people who want to use U.Lab to explore how we can take firmer action on climate change. The Hub will provide a place to work through the MOOC together under a theme of tackling climate change, and will possibly / hopefully result in some prototyping of ideas for action, however small.

The plan is for the Hub to meet on a Thursday afternoon at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, which is in central Edinburgh, to work through the live sessions together and, on other weeks, discuss the course content and support one another’s learning. If you are interested in joining the Hub, please contact me at the address above. The whole thing will be a bit of a ‘learning by doing’ experience as I have never hosted a Hub before; so I’d also be really grateful for some Hub hosting help. But I guess that’s all in the spirit of U.Lab!”


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