U.Lab starts on Thursday – Adventuring into the Unknown

With U.Lab starting on Thursday, we hope to bring you some stories in the intervening days about what people across Scotland hope to do and gain from their experience.

First up is Kuladharini, Chief Executive of the Scottish Recovery Forum:

This September we are embarking a voyage into the unknown and we want you to come with us…


We are of course talking about U.Lab Scotland. We plan to host two thematic hubs at our premises in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City. Our hub hosting team is made up of SRC Board and Staff members and we are busy making our lists of who we would love to join us for this U lab experience. We have got rooms and tech sorted for the live sessions. We been all round the houses thinking and feeling what themes we feel are waiting to be explored from our organisational world point of view. So we have come up with two:

  • Grassroots recovery activism and communities – invites going to activists and communities
  • Recovery from addiction in Scotland – invites to SRC members/ board/ thinkers/ activists in recovery or with something to contribute to recovery

Having no idea where it will go and what might emerge is a process we are familiar with in this world of recovery from addiction, but each time I say I have no idea what will happen I still get this wee thrill of excitement and clap my hands for joy. Its the voyage into the unknown that makes life worth living for me.

When the group of us that attended the U.Lab event (pictured) in July took the idea back to our board, they were laughing at our obvious excitement about the idea and our complete inability to communicate what it was that we wanted to do… but they supported us on faith anyway. Gotta love that board.

So whether there are 30 people in each of our hubs or five… we know we are going to let go and let come as we say in our recovery world….

 *  *  *  *  *

Would you like to share your story about U.Lab Scotland, either individuals, teams or hubs already formed?  It could be a blog post, a video or a series of photos – however you want to tell your story.  Get in touch with Keira (Keira.Oliver@scotland.gsi.gov.uk) or Angie (Angie.Meffan-Main@scotland.gsi.gov.uk).


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