U lab Scotland – Follow up to 1 September 2015 Event

Thank you so much to all who came along to our last event on 1 September with good intent, discussed openly, listened deeply, put your hand up to offer help and support and danced like no one was watching at the end.  It all made for a great day.

Click here to see a short storify of the activities on the day.

After the final U Lab session about ten folk stepped forward to work with the information people shared on the badges – and to potentially be involved in hosting future events. If you would like to join this group, drop Nick Wilding an email and he’ll be in touch soon to find a date… ( nick.wilding@scotland.gsi.gov.uk)

A number of people also stepped forward to help with supporting and developing our ulabscot community online (staying in touch as a whole community, supporting people who’ve never done a MOOC before etc). Keira will be touch with this group and if you’d like to join us, please get in touch (Keira.Oliver@scotland.gsi.gov.uk).

So what happens next?

U.Lab starts with an orientation week on Thurs 10 Sept

If you are ready to embark on the U.Lab journey with us, take a look at the list of actions below:

  1. Sign up for U.Lab Global
  2. Then follow this video to ensure you get access to the extra Scottish content (we’re calling U.Lab Scotland or the SMOOC)
  3. Sign up for updates specifically on what the U.Lab Scotland community are doing here: https://ulabscot.wordpress.com/ (should be at righthand side of the screen on a PC and at the bottom for mobile devices)
  4. Look for a hub near you, or even better, put your hub on the map here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zA9gbLQyZbdc.kXsqt5y2YYg8 A short video on how to put your hub on the map is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDyDzhTriu4
  5. We hope to take an action inquiry approach to what we are all embarking on together so as we go forward, please consider sharing stories, photos and videos of your U.Lab Scotland experience either on our blog, Facebook or Twitter.
  6. The Presencing Institute website (the “social” component of U.Lab) will be open from 10 Sept. We’ll set up a “Scotland Hub” on it which you can all join.

We understand that hub hosts might want a bit of extra community support as we go forward and so we’re proposing to host a weekly tele-conference call for hub hosts to call in, if they would like to. Our prototype which we will try for the first 4 weeks of the MOOC and then use any feedback is 45 minute calls comprising a check-in, brief agenda of issues raised, feedback and then check-out. Timings are as follows:-

8 Sep – 1400 to 1445

15 Sep – 1400 to 1445

22 Sep – 1400 to 1445

29 Sep – 1400 to 1445

Call us on:- 03306068187, participant code 2991461514#

Thank you all again and looking forward to the journey!

Keep in touch with how things are going by posting on our facebook or twitter at these links:-

Facebook link – click here

Twitter #ulabscot #ulab


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